Unify big-picture strategy, operational process, and financial tactics to bring results.

The StratOp process guides a leadership team to gain a full perspective of all internal and external realities and craft a core organizational plan, in order to move towards a clarified and shared vision.
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StratOp is a powerful and proven process that will help take the guesswork out of your success. Over the last 40 years, hundreds of teams have been helped, from non-profits to billion-dollar companies, reaching more people, growing sales, profits and getting results.

Many organizations are not focused and unified around a central plan, and many leaders are left wondering how to maximize potential. With StratOp, your entire team will be focused around the same mission and vision, and will have a clear plan to bring it to reality.

StratOp Overview (pdf)

StratOp Core Concepts


Our clients get more than just a plan; they get tools to help them manage their plan, renew their plan, and succeed. For your team – those who make things happen – they are brought into the StratOp process; planning isn’t something done to them, it is something the whole team does together. The process can be used for all kinds of team problem-solving and strategic efforts, either in business or in not-for-profit organizations like churches, educational institutions and social service enterprises.

By the end of the process, your whole team will not only share a clearly articulated vision of where the organization is going, but will also be able to track progress based on a set of action steps. We call it the “plan on a page.”

Powerful process

The StratOp process consists of six phases. Each phase builds upon the work of the previous stages and creates a continuous cycle of ongoing evaluation and renewal.

Perspective Before Planning

“Perspective before planning” is the key to the effectiveness of the StratOp process. If you have the right perspective, your Master Plan becomes clear… almost writes itself. Perspective on your organization lets you see without distortion, giving your leadership team the ability to read what is coming plot a course to results.

StratOp Tools

Each stage of the StratOp process contains proven tools designed to guide you and your team through gaining perspective and sharing a vision for the future. The investment of having your team lead through the 27 tools of StratOp, will bring ongoing results in strategic leadership, daily operation and financial management.

Opportunity Mapping

This tool helps you better understand the life-cycles of your products, services, or ministries while also identifying future opportunities and risks.

The Strategic Control Panel

Like a dashboard on a car’s driving panel, this tool helps your team create a control panel to better manage and evaluate the process of your StratOp plan.

Life-Generating Cycle

Clearly understanding who your primary customers or supporters are and what they value is a critical step in communicating and understanding your business.

Patterns and Trends Analysis

The world around us is constantly changing. This tool offers your team a way to evaluate internal and external patterns and trends and the implications they may have for your organization.

Our W.I.N. Wheel

The W.I.N. Wheel exercise helps your team determine “What’s important now?” This process is a key step in building a plan and managing real process.

Action Initiative Plans

A new strategy is only as effective as an organization’s ability to implement it. Action Initiative Plans turn new ideas into concrete and measurable action steps.

Developing a “Plan On A Page”

The StratOp system enables you to effectively manage your entire enterprise from one single sheet of paper… the Plan-On-A-Page (POAP). The Plan-On-A-Page is the culmination of the StratOp master planning process. Each Plan-On-A-Page dashboard has an undergirding playbook – including all perspective tools, all action initiative plans, and all structure components.


At the core of the StratOp process is a 3-day team-discovery session. These 3 days are spent gaining perspective and developing a master plan for the organization. Once in place, StratOp helps guide your team through a series of monthly, quarterly, and annual renewal processes. All together, StratOp is more than just a set of strategy sessions; it is a comprehensive system for leading your organization.
After years of organizational rubrics cube – finally a tool that takes into account both the past and the future. Mike Messner used the tools of StratOp brilliantly to identify key elements of our 70 year old church that needed to be celebrated. He then led our entire board and staff into the process of dreaming into God’s future and coming up with practical tools to help manage the creation and implementation of a comprehensive shared vision.- Dr. Mike Rakes, Lead Pastor, Winston Salem First, NC
StratOps is the most comprehensive approach for discovering and executing organizational purpose. After being in the ministry for over 20 years I am thrilled that there is an in-depth process available for me to practically steward the vision that God has placed in my heart.- Al Toledo, Lead Pastor, Chicago Tabernacle, Chicago, IL
StratOps is the most helpful strategic planning process we have ever been through. The team did an incredible job of helping our church discover where we are now and then develop a plan and a process to get us where God wants us. What sets StratOps apart is that the strategic plan comes with a clear implementation process. Our leadership team has never been so excited and onboard for where we are going.<br /> - Jay Bean, Lead Pastor, Grace Chapel Church, Springfield, MO
StratOp was a game changing event for us. It brought clarity to our past and present reality, and the tools to accomplish our future goals we envision.- Greg Slape, CEO, AGI, Eugene, OR

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We believe StratOp is bigger than just a process. Our goal is to offer you more than just exercises. We want help facilitate a path to clarity and energy for both you and your leadership team. It all starts with a simple conversation. “How can we help?”

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Created by The Paterson Center, StratOp has a long history of effecting real change.